Curtis Connors

Lizard TAS 4
Real Name
Dr Curtis Connors
Current Alias
The Lizard
Martha Connors (Wife) William "Billy" Connors (Son)
Base Of Operations
New York City
Marital Status

Green, Red (As The Lizard)
Brown, No Hair (As The Lizard)
Unusual Features
Right arm missing at the elbow (as Dr Connors). Vertical Slitted Pupils, Scaly Skin, Claws and Tail (As The Lizard)
Human, now mutated due to Neogenesis using reptilian DNA on himself to re-grow his lost right arm
First appearance


In this reality, Doctor Curtis Connors developed the Neogenic Recombinator alongside Doctor Farley Stillwell, and would later use it to regrow his right arm that had been amputated from below the elbow for unknown reasons (it is assumed he lost it as a result of an accident). His joy at his success didn't last, as the effects of the reptile DNA he used further mutated him into the The Lizard.

Some weeks after he fled into the New York Sewer System, he would become fanatically obsessed with making the rest of humanity like himself and devised a scheme to attain this goal. He returned to his New York Residence where his wife, Martha Connors had been hoping he would return. Explaining to Martha that he had found a means to reverse the effects of his mutation, he then stated that he needed her to enter the Empire State University to obtain the Neogenic Recombinator for him so he could use it to become human again.

Once Martha acquired it on his behalf (managing to convince Peter Parker and Debra Whiteman who were present at the time that everything was okay with an arranged Cover Story), she entered the subways where her husband was waiting. Together they made for his underground dwellings where he adjusted the settings on the Recombinator, Martha watching on expecting him to be using it to make himself a normal human again.

What he did, was turn the device on Martha, who was struck by the multi-spectra beam, as he looked on her as the effects took hold. Within perhaps a minute, Martha Connors had been mutated into a Humanoid Lizard Creature not unlike herself, and in her case, the mental change was far faster, almost keeping pace with the physical change. His thoughts at the time being that now she was fit to be with him.

About an hour (two at the most) later, the Neogenic Recombinator was connected to the New York City Electrical Grid, and activated, using the grid itself as a conduit to spread throughout New York City. While using it did allow it to achieve an enhanced range, its effect did subside as it spread from the epicentre, with only those closest to the initial blast (Debra Whiteman being one example) experiencing an immediate transformation into Humanoid Lizards, while those further afield would face a slower transformation (such as Peter Parker), and beyond a given distance, its effect was lost.

To increase the range further, The Lizard needed materials and resources that he and his mate would be hard-pressed to attain before the human's recovery from the initial shock and counter-strike against them. To this end he and Martha surfaced in Times Square, where he made a psychic call to the new species to join him there, to explain to them that the humans would try to stop them unless they acted first to make sure they would be the ones to join them, informing them as to what was required of them for success.

Joined by Guana's Pack, he and Martha prepared to head to where the Neogenic Recombinator would be made to have its greatest range. The Fisk Building.

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