See Earth-92131 for further assumed history (only events before Spider-Man vs Shocker in the church scenario).

After Spider-Man had bonded with a symbiotic life form, he fought Shocker in the church, defeated him and held him at the window preparing to kill him, before pushing him out resulting in Shocker's death from a lethal fall. Spider-Man then turned to a webbed up Eddie Brock, killing him by cutting through the webbing which Spider-Man had used to stick him to the top of the church, causing Eddie to also die from a lethal fall.

In time, the symbiote completely took over Spider-Man's body, driving him into killing his enemies such as J. Jonah Jameson, the Rhino, who was sent to destroy Spider-Man to avenge Shocker's death, and Alistair Smythe after the fight with Rhino. He then attacked Dr. Curt Connors for trying to make him get rid of the symbiote, causing the doc to turn into the Lizard, whom Spider-Man then murdered.

Spider-Man's mass murdering spree alerted the police, who were unable to stop him. He subsequently drew the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. who were forced to take action and stop Spider-Man. Nobody knew of the symbiote's sonic weakness because Doctor Connors was no longer around, and the symbiote had enough control over Peter's mind to stop other heroes such as Iron Man and the Fantastic Four from convincing him to detach from it. Therefore, all personnel were forced to eliminate Spider-Man.


Earth-50695 is diverged from Earth-92131, where Spider-Man had refrained from killing Shocker. However, in the first of the two, Spider-Man went through with the murder, resulting in the symbiote's permanent bonding with him. Thus, Eddie Brock never became Venom (unlike his 92131 counterpart) and was killed by Spider-Man immediately after Shocker.