Earth-94111 is a Spider-Man TAS Reality where Doctor Curtis Connors'/The Lizard's plan to turn the inhabitants of New York City into Humanoid Lizards like himself succeeded, diverging from the series in Episode 1 of Season 1.

In this reality, The Lizard was quite a bit smarter than in the main series, and instead of attempting to acquire the Neogenic Recombinator by himself (which saw him being sighted by Peter Parker and Debra Whitman), he instead approached his wife, Martha Connors and convinced her to obtain it on his behalf under the pretext that he needed it to become human again.

Martha agreed to his request and left for the Empire State University (ESU) the following night, managing to hold off their concerns for Curt with a pre-arranged cover story. Leaving with the device and finding her husband at their meeting point, he took the Recombinator and began to adjust its settings for his goal.

Shortly after this, he turned the device on Martha, its energies striking her head-on, and within a minute (two at the most), both the physical and mental changes to her were complete as she became a female lizard/human hybrid not unlike Curt himself.

Perhaps an hour later, they had connected the device to the City's electrical grid, using it to amplify both the power and range of the Neogenic Recombinator. With this strike, those closest to the epicentre were hit the hardest, their transformations being the fastest (Debra Whitman who was inside the ESU building at the time being one example), whereas those further afield experienced a slower change. The result was the same though, as the residents of New York became humanoid lizard creatures - Squamata, Monitor, and Iguanoid Lizards being the most prominent groups.