New York City Destroyed


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After Mac Gargan became the Scorpion and went on a rampage, he kidnapped J. Jonah Jameson (who he blamed for ruining his life), and took him to the Oscorp nuclear reactor. Gargan wanted to use radiation to turn him back to the man he was, without thinking of the consequences. Spider-Man arrived to stop Scorpion, but failed, and New York and the surrounding area was destroyed by radiation, which contaminated the whole of North America.

Many had perished along with New York in the explosion, and as others across the country were poisoned by the radiation, Apocalypse took the opportunity to take over the world.

With next to no super-powered beings to resist him, Apocalypse took over with ease. North America's population was already suffering from radiation, and much of their weaponry was previously supplied by the now-destroyed Oscorp. Apocalypse's minions helped him conquer the rest of the world, eliminating the entire human race among others, and destroying the very few remaining super-powered beings.