Man-Spider 2
Real Name
Peter Parker
Current Alias
Richard Parker (Father, Deceased)

Mary Parker (Mother, Deceased) Benjamin Parker (Uncle, Deceased)

May Parker (Aunt)
Marital Status

Unusual Features
Six Eyes, Six Arms, Mandibles, Purple-Grey Hair covering entire body
First appearance


Early life

Orphaned following the Death of his Parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were killed in an overseas Plane Crash, he went to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker in Queens, New York. Intellectually gifted, he quickly became a High Honours Student, though his shyness and scholastic pursuits rendered hum a Social Outcast.

Aged 9 he attended a Science Camp overseen by Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius. Following an experiment that literally blew up in his face, the then-gentle, kind-hearted Doctor would impart the first Key Lesson of Life for Peter, stating that “their laughter was meaningless, science was its own reward.” A lesson that Peter would carry with him for years to come.

Becoming Spider-Man

Aged 17, Peter Parker attended a Public Demonstration of the Safe Handling of Nuclear Waste Materials. It was here that Peter was bitten by a Spider that had been Irradiated by a Particle Accelerator used in the Demonstration. The following day, he woke to find that he had gained a number of Spider-like traits, such as wall-clinging, enhanced strength, endurance and agility, all of which he came to associate with the Spider Bite he'd received.

With a costume he design himself, and a set of wrist-mounted Web-Shooters he designed and built, he chose to perform on TV with his ‘act’, giving himself the name ‘Spider-Man’ and attaining major acclaim in the process.

Some time later, he would come across an Ad for a Wrestling Match with a Cash Prize for the Victor. Lured by both the money and the opportunity to test his Power, Peter entered and easily defeated his opponent.

Following his success, there was a robbery which Peter chose to allow to pass without intervening, enabling the thief to escape. Once he returned home however, he learned that his Uncle Ben had been murdered following an armed robbery at his home. Upon learning that the murderer had been holed up in a nearby warehouse, Peter rushed to the scene, easily overpowering him before learning that he was the same thief he’d allowed to escape earlier that same day. Filled with regret and guilt, Peter came to learn that the Power he had carried with it a Great Responsibility. This led him to take up a life of Crime Fighting as Spider-Man, while attempting to maintain his life as Peter Parker, attending the Empire State University and gaining employment as a Freelance Photographer for the Daily Bugle.

As Spider-Man

As Spider-Man, notable Villains he would face included: The Lizard (Dr Curtis Connors); Dr Octopus (Dr Otto Octavius); The Rhino; The Scorpion (Mac Gargan); The Chameleon; and Vemon (Edward Brock). Some of whom would be banded together to form the Sinister Six, tasked with killing Spider-Man - a task they would ultimately fail in.

Mutation disease

Man-Spider 1


When chasing a group of common burglars, Spider-Man became wracked with pain on his sides which almost allowed them to kill him. This was accompanied by his Powers becoming unpredictable, fading out at times. He would learn from Doctor Curtis Connors that his Mutation he gained when he was bitten was entering a new phase, one whose end result Dr Connors couldn’t determine at the time, only suspect Spider-Man may not remain human.

As time passed, the sporadic abdominal pains would increase in magnitude and frequency until he sprouted two additional pairs of arms

Man-Spider 1 Man-Spider "Terrorising" New York Eventually, he would mutate into a Humanoid Spider-like creature dubbed the Man-Spider. A far more feral being operating on a combination of instinct and emotion that terrorised New York City prior to capture by the X-Men, who through the efforts of Dr Charles Xavier and Jean Grey were able to bring out his memories and intellect, which allowed him to remember who he was and what he did.

Medical examinations by Hank McCoy would reveal that his mutation had advanced beyond the point where it could be reversed, and he was trapped in his current form, for the remainder of his natural life.

After a period of depression, Peter realised that he couldn’t just sit around moping about his fate and sought to make the best out of the hand he’d been dealt, deciding to sign up with the X-Men and start living his life again.

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