Real Name
Wilson Fisk
Current Alias
Wilson Moriarty
Unnamed father (deceased),
Vanessa Fisk (wife),
Richard Fisk (son)
Marital Status
Crimelord, businessman

Created by
First appearance


As a boy, Wilson Moriarty was influenced by his father, who sought employment as a mob criminal. When older, Wilson assisted his father in robbing banks and jewelry stores, culminating in one robbery where his father escaped but Wilson, hampered by his already-considerable weight, was captured by the police. In adulthood, Wilson emulated his father's goal and climbed one position of seniority within the mob, adopting the surname Fisk and alias "Kingpin". He had his police file destroyed, removing all record from his earlier arrest. He arranged for the arrest and conviction of his father, still an aspiring but minor criminal, and declared that he did this because "Sacrifices must be made". He later married Vanessa and they had a son called Richard.

The Kingpin saw Spider-Man as a threat to his organisation, and threatened Norman Osborn into having him eliminated. Osborn hired Spencer Smythe, an expert in robotics, to carry it out in exchange for a hover chair for his disabled son Alistair. Kingpin managed to keep his involvement unknown and Osborn made out that he wanted Spider-Man dead because he believes he is a menace. Spencer's robot accidentally kidnapped Flash Thompson, who was impersonating Spider-Man, and was taken back to Oscorp. There he was unmasked and eliminated by the Kingpin's men, who thought he was actually Spider-Man. Thompson's body was disposed of into the ocean some distance from the NYC coasts, while the fake Spider-Man costume was hung up in the Kingpin's empire as a souvenir.

When the Kingpin realized that the real Spider-Man was still alive, he kidnapped Norman's son Harry, demanding that Norman finish the job and have Spider-Man destroyed. However, Spencer and Alistair Smythe weren't interested in building any more robots since Norman had already supplied Alistair with a hoverchair. Norman hired the Hobgoblin to destroy Spider-Man, but the goblin failed and was caught by the police. Left with no other option, Norman was forced to seek the help of Spider-Man, telling him everything including how the Kingpin had tried to force him to destroy him, how this resulted in the death of Flash Thompson, and how the crime lord had now kidnapped Harry. Although angry at first with Osborn for the death of his friend, Spider-Man agreed to help save Harry, now aware of the Kingpin's identity. After Spider-Man saved Harry from the Kingpin's clutches, the Kingpin, aware that his identity was at risk of being revealed to the public, decided to abandon his criminal building and relocate somewhere else, although Spider-Man nor Osborn could gather enough evidence to exploit him.

The Kingpin later assembled the Insidious Six, having broke Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus and the Chameleon out of jail, and recruited two new villains Shocker and Rhino. He attempted to use them to destroy Spider-Man, but despite suffering from a mutation disease that caused him to lose his powers he managed to defeat them, and they disbanded.

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